What parents and professionals have to say.

“Loved the Liper™ device and how it simplifies exercising the tongue”
Yael, Ramat-Gan
“Great device, I would recommend it to all moms having trouble breasfeeding”
Lactation Consultant, New York
“I am thrilled with the use of the Liper both pre and post frenectomy to elevate the body of the tongue and allow the frenum to stretch and tone. I have found the tongue will adapt easily and mom’s can easily apply it to their infants tongue and possibly avoid a revision.
For adults, it is comfortable and easy to use to pull the tongue up and avoid discomfort and bacteria from touching their tongue. I will recommend it to my students as well as my patients.”
Joy L. Moeller, BS, RDH
Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist
“I have used the Liper designed by Dr. Eyal Botzer to assess newborn’s lingual frenulum. It is easy to handle it and it helps to visualize the lingual frenulum. It doesn’t hurt the tongue and it is painless for the newborn.”
Irene Marchesan, PHD
Sau Paolo, Brazil