Our Story

Daily tongue training during the first two weeks has been shown to enhance tongue flexibility and mobility, which are essential for everyday body functions. Tongue training contributes to the overall well-being and also later on in their lives of infants.

Parents have usually been instructed to perform tongue training and stretching with two fingers under the tongue of their newborn baby. Obviously, most of them quit or haven’t done the exercises at all, getting very low training compliance.

After having treated countless newborns and children combining tongue training procedures, Dr. Eyal Botzer sparked up an ingenious idea that is set to transform neonatal tongue care by allowing parents for the first time to perform easy and comfortable tongue training with Liper Device. A research team was quickly put together in charge of development. The result is a simple ergonomic device that radically lessens baby and care taker discomfort while improving training efficacy and exercise plan compliance compared to conventional techniques using the fingers.

Bringing tongue training compliance to professionals, peace of mind to parents, and well-being to precious babies everywhere.

Management Team


Dr. Eyal Botzer
CTO, Co-Founder
Eyal has over 25 years as a dentist. He specializes in neonatal dental and oral anomalies, i.e. craniofacial defects and tongue tie, and serves as Director of Pediatric Dentistry at the Tel Aviv Medical Center. Eyal is a leading persona in the Tongue Tie medical community, co-founder of the IATP (International Affiliation of Tongue-Tie Professionals), and extensively involved in research and treatment of Tongue Tie since 2000.
Lily Ouziel
VP Product & Growth
Lily is an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant andclinical guide training Lactation professionals, devoted to assist families who struggle with challenges in breastfeeding.
She worked as a lawyer and before that as a Retail advisor in the photography field. She also worked as a professional consultant to a company distributing Breastmilk pumps.
For over a decade Lily has been helping numerous breastfeeding families by running a community breastfeeding clinic as well as in private practice.
Eli Drapisz
Eli brings vast experience in marketing strategy, funding and business development. Further to the role of marketing manager at ECI Telecom, Eli is the founder of a marketing and brand strategy agency, with years of experience in the global markets. He successfully accompanied numerous Israeli export companies in building, managing and executing their company strategy walking with them hand in hand through funding, the go-to-market process in foreign markets.