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Interesting articles and news about Liper™ Device and tongue training from our desk and from around the globe.

STUDY: Tongue-tie was identified in 46.3% of infants in a large study conducted in Spain
Your tongue mobility has a direct and critical effect on everyday vital body functions – from birth to adulthood
STUDY: 28 of 30 children with ADHD were diagnosed with sleep disorders
Your child has been diagnosed with ADHD. Have you done everything that’s in your power in order to decide whether it is definitive?
STUDY: The preferred treatment for tongue-tied is frenectomy combined with functional rehabilitation of the tongue.
Early tongue training has lifetime benefits for your newborn
In this video, you will find a short demonstration of using the Liper™ device to perform tongue training. This new and only device makes tongue training easy to comply with required tongue training, thus enhancing tongue training compliance.