Your “Early Training has Lifetime Benefits” 

We present and fully support here the article written by Judith Dember-Paige RDH, BS, Certified Orofacial Myologist

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“Early Training has Lifetime Benefits” and that is exactly why we developed the Liper™ Device.
Dr. Eyal Botzer serves as Director of Paediatric Dentistry at the Tel Aviv Medical Center, a leading persona in the Tongue Tie medical community, co-founder of the IATP, and extensively involved in research and treatment of Tongue Tie. Treating 10th of thousands of newborns and children, when Dr. Botzer first initiated the concept of the device, he strove to develop a simple and comfortable one for tongue training, so it will be easy for the parents and comfortable for the newborns, enhancing the treatment compliance. Professionals who are using the Liper™ Device, are coming back, and happy to recommend to collogues and patients. Early and easy tongue training with the Liper™ Device – first ever appliance to make tongue training more comfortable, brings higher compliance and future well-being.

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So simple. so vital.