Liper Device™. Finally, a gentle, sanitary alternative to conventional tongue training.

Order Now the Liper Device for A Short, Comfortable and Efficient Tongue Training

Tongue exercises encourages tongue mobility. It’s well known that efficient home exercises that stretch and train the tongue can improve tongue mobility and posture of babies and adults.

Future Peace of Mind to Adults and Parents and Opportunity for Better Well-Being for Children

Tongue training encourages the tongue for better mobility and flexibility.


It was shown that tongue exercises could improve tongue mobility and, as such applying a positive impact on future lives and wellbeing.
We developed the Liper™ device so patients, babies and parents required to perform tongue training can experience it like a simple child’s play. Easy and Comfortable.

Having Liper™ device, tongue training can now be easier, gentle, and more sanitary, leading to better efficacy for babies and adults. Being the training with the Liper Device™ intuitive and resulting in higher efficacy, we aspire to make tongue training a standard training protocol during the first two weeks of each and every baby’s future.

Because Every Baby Deserves A Fair Start