Our Story

Daily tongue training during the first two weeks has been shown to enhance tongue flexibility and mobility, which are essential for everyday body functions. From breastfeeding to breathing and speech, tongue training contributes to the overall well-being and also later on in their lives of infants.

After having performed countless successful frenotomy and tongue training procedures, Dr. Eyal Botzer sparked up an ingenious idea that is set to transform neonatal tongue care. A research team was quickly put together in charge of development. The result is a simple ergonomic device that radically lessens baby and care taker discomfort while improving training efficacy and exercise plan compliance compared to conventional techniques using the fingers.

Bringing tongue training compliance to professionals, peace of mind to parents, and well-being to precious babies everywhere.

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We developed the Liper™ device so parents and babies can experience tongue training like simple child’s play, but we did it for the sake of babies after having witnessed the positive impact proper tongue training has on their lives.
Having Liper™ device, tongue training will now be easier, more comfortable and more efficient for adults. We aspire to make tongue training a standard treatment protocol during the first two weeks of each and every baby in every house.

Because Every Baby Deserves A Fair Start